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'Al Haq' literally means 'The Truth' and that's exactly what we aim to promote through our clothing.
We are a few brothers, all with the determination and confidence to strive and make Al Haq a world wide brand, deliver positive messages and dawah
to non-Muslims aswell as Muslims through creative but yet humble designs.

We know that dawah is something compulsory for us Muslims and InshaAllah (God willing) we will be fulfilling that obligation visually on each and everyone of our garments.
In such a volatile period of history where negativity towards our beloved way of life is projected through the screens of every home, surrounding us almost like an ambush on top of uncomfortable glares whilst simply making our way to work.
We ourselves sometimes fail to project the reality, the reality that Islam is a peaceful way of life and not every man with a beard and thobe is a possible threat to the well-being of the people.
The task that we as Muslims have is by no means a small one, it’s a task in which requires knowledge, courage and patients something that we should be working to improve on in our everyday life and adding as many good qualities to our character.

If we adhere to the Quran and Sunnah and project ourselves through the light of Islam then indeed we can begin to change the minds and negative perceptions of the people.
Al Haq Clothing is not a solution to all the problems we are currently facing and does not claim to change them overnight however we should not belittle any small action as we know ‘a little can go a long way’ and InshaAllah the messages which we intend to portray through our Islamic Designs can somewhat contribute however little it may seem… but indeed if our/your intentions are correct then know that Allah says ‘So whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it’ [Surah 99:7]

Our Goals 
  • - To gain the pleasure of Allah
  • - To spread knowledge/dawah to non-muslims aswell as muslims
  • - To be established in the UK and abroad as number one in dawah clothing